ArtPlace Music

ArtPlace Music aims to provide the highest quality music instruction to interested students outside of the traditional school setting. Affordable private and group lessons are offered at ArtPlace for students desiring to learn piano, voice, flute, and percussion. If you would like to enroll a student in the ArtPlace Music program, you can apply online or download the PDF application using the buttons below. Paper applications can be delivered or mailed to ArtPlace at 212 West Washington Street. Once you have submitted the application, someone will reach out to you regarding interviews and time slots.


Program Offerings


Private Instrumental Instruction – various times

Private instruction provides lessons that are individually tailored to each student. These lessons are designed to help students learn and grow in a specialized environment based on their specific learning styles and needs. Private instruction is offered for all levels of piano, flute, voice, and percussion. Private instruction is $20 per lesson, billed in monthly increments.



ArtPlace Harmony

At ArtPlace we believe that all students should have access to quality arts programming regardless of financial ability. The ArtPlace Harmony program has been created to support students who wish to participate in the ArtPlace music program but have financial constraints. If you are interested in financial assistance, please indicate this on you student's application. If you would like to donate to this program or sponsor a student please contact Portia Collins.