DMI Mobile Music Lab:                 Healing With a Groove 2.0.

October 3 – December 5 (10 weeks)
Tuesdays 4:00-5:30
Students in grades 7-12 will learn about songwriting, production, and audio engineering.

The main focus is to have open discussions that will encourage racial healing by teaching the importance of working together as a group, to help build identity, the feel of community, diversity, and songwriting. Audio engineering, songwriting, and production will be used to help apply what is taught within the discussions. 

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The Delta Music Institute’s Mobile Music Lab (MML) program works mainly with students in the Mississippi Delta using music audio/video technology to nurture and encourage creativity.  This program teaches students the basics of songwriting, the process of recording, producing and performing original musical works, beginning video production, and the importance of Mississippi’s musical heritage.

The MML team also uses the art of storytelling through music, song, and video to complement classroom curriculum.

The bus contains professional level audio equipment, musical instruments, and software that provide students and their schools with opportunities for recording sessions, performances, tours, and instruction in media arts.

About the Bus

The DMI Mobile Music Lab will enhance student learning by using songwriting, music, and media arts to connect to curriculum competency requirements of the Mississippi Department of Education. Using DMI faculty and students, as well as regional musicians and music industry professionals, the program will provide an opportunity for students to apply and improve their knowledge in multiple disciplines, including language arts, music, math, history, social studies, and science.

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