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Delta Wild Adventure Program

June 11-15, 9am-5pm

Ages 13* - 18

No cost to participate!


This camp has been made possible through generous grants from the Endowment for the Future of Northwest Mississippi and the Environmental Endowment Funds of the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi.


The Delta Wild Adventure Program aims to engage students with the amazing lands of the Mississippi Delta through a focus on five natural resources: cotton, clay, cypress, cane, and natural plant colors. Each part contains

  • the environmental story of the resource;
  • its cultural relevance to historical life in the Mississippi Delta, as well as the modern context of its ecological and creative importance;
  • the current conditions of the resource as it pertains to its prevalence and any immediate dangers to its existence;
  • questions about what the future holds and connections for opportunities to work with organizations and programs working in conservation.

Activities include:

Paddling in kayaks and canoes, wading in swamps or creeks, trapping and handling wildlife, sketching, photography, journaling, using loupes and binoculars, gathering and processing plant materials, hiking, watching, “Sharing Nature” games, delta stories, reading maps, wildlife identification and more!

This camp is led by Robin Whitfield in partnership with multiple local organizations. This camp can accommodate a maximum of 14 students.

*We have opened this camp up to 13 year olds this year! The days are long but if you 13 year old is up for it, we'd love to have them!


The primary purpose of the Delta Wild Adventure Program is to get youth outside on public lands. This project will bring awareness to the remaining 1% of the original wild Mississippi Delta. Participants will connect to the natural and cultural heritage of the Yazoo Mississippi Delta. Youth will better understand rivers, swamps and bottomland forests and how they shape our story, culture and sense of place. We will explore wild places using both the creative and scientific process as a lens to see and understand what remains of our Delta. This is an introduction to the fascinating and “most altered place on earth” - The Yazoo Mississippi Delta. The intended outcome of Delta Wild is to introduce public land, remove fear of the unknown and activate curiosity about the Delta.

Students must sign up for the ENTIRE WEEK.

Be Prepared

ArtPlace will provide water and snacks. Students must bring their own lunch.


  • long pants
  • light weight long sleeve shirt over t-shirt
  • closed toed shoes that will likely get wet and muddy (boots/sneakers/water shoes)
  • hat


  • lunch
  • water bottle
  • bug spray
  • sun screen
  • small backpack or bag