Artist Roster - Greenwood


Robin Whitfield – Art + Design - Robin graduated from Delta State University in 1996 with a BFA in Painting. She has been on the Mississippi Arts Commission Roster since 2006 and has exhibited her work widely across the state for the past 15 years. Her artworks and illustrations have been featured in numerous publications including “Words On Nature: a collection of writings by Eudora Welty” edited by Patti Carr-Black. She was selected to be the Artist-In Residence at Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge for the fall of 2014. She is a certified Audubon Master Naturalist and an avid kayaker and explorer. She has been with ArtPlace since 2002 teaching a variety of courses.

Richard Elliott - Carpentry - Richard is co-founder of design|build solutions, llc. He completed a Masters of Design-Build from Auburn University in 2007 and has been utilizing his skills to serve economically struggling communities ever since. He oversaw the rehabilitation of dozens of homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina and later led the construction of a health center, school and public toilet facility in rural Tanzania while serving as the Executive Director of Village Life Outreach Project. He brings these skills and a desire to provide educational opportunities wherever possible within the construction process to the Baptist Town Cottages Project as well as Fuller Center for Housing. Richard has been with ArtPlace since Fall 2014.

Yolandé van Heerden – Sewing - Yolande is a fiber artist and arts instructor. She offers a wide range of sewing workshops, spanning from several hour introductory sessions to months- long projects resulting in community quilts and dress-making. A native of South Africa, van Heerden celebrates her homeland’s cultural diversity via her community outreach work and draws up the richness of its fabric tradition in her own creations. In Greenwood, her work is multi-faceted – she works as an art teacher for groups of small children, conducts courses in sewing, and has coordinated multiple community-wide quilting projects. Yolandé has been with ArtPlace as a multi-media artist and sewing teacher since 2013.

Erin Mulligan – Culinary Arts, Dance, Yoga, Theater - Erin has a Bachelor of Performing and Visual Arts from Bradford College in MA and is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor. She has been a dance educator since 1998 and has also been an instructor in ballet, jazz, modern dance and theater arts. She currently runs Shift Movement Arts Center in Indianola, MS, teaching dance, yoga and meditation to young people throughout the Delta. Erin has been with ArtPlace since 2010 teaching dance, yoga, theater and culinary arts.